cannot reach the subsoil and therefore is held close to the surface, accounting for the moist,
pasty character of the surface soil and for its dark, rich color. Of the plants found in the moor,
more than 380 have been identified as beneficial to the gastrointestinal systems and other
bioorganic components of animal and human bodies. If individual plants flourishing in a single
generation are effective in treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, can you imagine the
magnified effect of hundreds of these plants deposited in the soil for thousands of years?

This is the MOOR that we use at Norimoor. It is the same MOOR that has been used for
centuries for prevention, cleansing and the healing of people and animals in Europe.

MOOR-PEAT that we use in Norimoor LLC is imported from various golden
valleys in Europe and contains more than 380 medicinal herbs, vitamins,
minerals and acids that are essential for a healthy human and animal diet.
Some of the valleys in Europe are rare in their geological formation and
botanical features. They lie upon a substratum of impermeable clay. Rain
falling into these valleys